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Beorol tapes

Starting tape production, when did it happen and why?

Understanding the need for improving and expanding our range of tapes, in May 2017, we decided to invest in a new plant and start our own, fourth in a row, Beorol tape production. After the decision has been made, buying machines, training the employees and forming the production processes, the first Beorol tape was produced in July, 29th 2017, and we are proudly keeping it.


What are our goals?

The primary goal ofproducing tapes is putting the best offer in the hands of our customers. Best offer means that our customers get exactly what they need in adequate quality and quantity. The purpose is to share the representation of high-end products with our customers.
Also, by starting production of tapes we’re now very competitive on the international market where we currently sell more than 70% of paint rollers, paint brushes and plastic painting tools which we produce and we aim to introduce our new range of tapes to all markets.
Important fact is that we currently export our products to 4 continents i.e. 43 different countries, and this figure is increasing from year to year due to the fact that the quality is the base point for our success.


Which countries we are targeting? Why starting with this much of tapes? What is feedback from international market?

It all starts in the countries where we have our own branches. These countries are Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, UAE (Dubai), North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and recently new branch in Russia. Each of these markets is specific, no matter how they seem similar, in terms of quality and price of a product. For this reason we carefully improve products to satisfy the needs of end-users in diffrent markets. Through market analysis that we conducted a year ago, we came to the result that we need to expand our off er in masking tapes, painting tapes and special purpose tapes.
One thing that is of high importance is that we categorized the new tapes according to the exact purpose and way of using. Therefore, instead of the old 3 levels of quality in our offer for masking tapes we increased the offer to 7 types and each type is unique and have a specific purpose to secure the best performance while using. We have two types of tapes, made for facade works, a tape for doors and windows protection, a tape for precise painting and decorative jobs and finally a tape for automotive industry which is in terms of quality considerably higher than the average existing in market.
We have expanded the range of special purpose tapes, introducing 3 new marking and warning tapes, a new Duct tape with a measure of 50m long and a double-sided tape 18mm width, made specially for electrical works. Important fact that this is only the beginning of expanding the product range and together with our partners and customers we will improve the range and follow up the market needs.


Who are the our suppliers?

One thing that characterizes Beorol Production, which is recognized by our local and international customers, is the stability of quality level. In order to keep the same level of quality for the new products we needed to find reliable suppliers for raw materials who share same ideas like us. The choice was actually simple, because two main producers of crepe paper and one biggest producer from China for products based on synthetic materials, have a considerably higher level of quality compared to other sources in the global market. As a matter of fact, the cooperation with these three companies had an impact on the decision for expanding the range of products and to offer endusers products that were not easy to find on market. Considering the wide range that our suppliers possess it is expected to increase the range of our products in the future for which we believe that will be widely accepted by our customers and endusers.



Produced in standard and professional levels of quality. Beorol offers two new tapes made for outdoor conditions. Special purpose for these tapes is using for facade jobs because of their characteristics and durability, these tapes can keep their performance under impact of direct sunlight, temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Why are these tapes recommended for facades and outdoor jobs?

Beorol recommends these tapes for facade jobs, to avoid problems with pulling off under high temperatures and direct sunlight. Our FACADE STANDARD and FACADE PROFESSIONAL tapes have adjusted performance for using outdoor.
Primary difference from other tapes is the type of adhesive which is solvent based (Natural rubber). For this reason there is no oscillation in adhesion strength from the first day until 48/72h on the treated surface.
One important characteristic is easy pulling off without leaving traces on the wall. It is also important to read the instructions on each tape which are shown through pictographs and according to this tape can be left on surface maximum for 2 days (Facade Standard tape) or 3 days (Facade Professional tape).



Realizing the needs of the market for a professional car painting tape, Beorol for the first time introduces a tape of the highest possible quality category. In addition to the extremely high temperature resistance (100ᵒC), this tape is also water-resistant, UV-resistant, but it also has an important feature that only exists in the tape of this category, which is ‘Tape on tape’ system. It provides excellent adhesion when gluing one layer of tape onto another.
The Tape on tape system is specially developed for the needs of shipyards and car painters, which often, due to the large number of unprotected corners, they need a tape that will not be pulled off when painting and drying in chambers or by using fans. 
The market recognized our desire to fully serve the needs of professionals and we are sure of the success of our new product.



This tape is made for professionals and those who are looking at every detail in their work. With this tape you will paint in a very simple way with more colors on a very small surface, the paint crosses will be unrecognizable.
Flexible / elastic paper gives the tape the ability to be used on rounded surfaces in decorative works. Excellent for all decorative techniques, especially for combining several techniques, where high accuracy is required in marking parts of the surface.



Designed for external and internal protection of carpentry when painting.  The main feature is that it does not leave a trace on both PVC and Aluminum, as well as on wooden joinery and is ideal for this purpose. Easy tearing of the tape allows for greater precision in covering the corners, and the elasticity of the paper ensures coverage of inaccessible parts of the carpentry. With very easy removal from the surface, this tape is the right choice for protecting doors and windows.



Prodced with and without adhesion. In our offer, we have included 3 new tapes that are designed for marking for easily spotting in any area. In our off er, we have packing tape in color combinations of black / yellow and red / white with a width of 50mm, and length of 33m. We also offer adhesive tape, 75mm wide, 100m in red / white colors.