Minimum order value
Minimum order value

Companies: 300 AED
Individuals:    50 AED

Free delivery
Free delivery

Companies: Free delivery
Individuals:  200 AED

Frequently Asked Questions

You may change your information when logging in to our site with your username and password and accessing the 'My Account' page. Here you can also change other information related to you personally, view your orders, their statuses and your favorite products.

You can also send us new information at and we will correct it for you.

In case the item is not correct, please contact us as soon as possible via e-mail Before doing so, inspect the contents of the package thoroughly and check for physical damage caused by inadequate transport or for any other defect. All items sold through the Beorol Online Store are new, in original packaging and are subject to the warranty stated on the item description and features. We will replace or refund such items depending on your decision. If the damage is caused by improper handling that contravenes the rules stated in the product manual, Beorol bears no responsibility and is under no obligation to replace or compensate the item.

The range of items in our offer is very large, and for this reason, there may be more items in one image (the price shown applies to one item). If you want to order a particular product from the range, please indicate in the note exactly which item from the picture you want. In case the item you mentioned in the note is not in stock, the operator will contact you as soon as possible.

The minimum amount for ordering goods for individuals is 50 AED, while for legal entities it is 300 AED. VAT included.