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Minimum order value

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Companies: Free delivery
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Trowels and plaster scraper


Designed for large format tiles (usually floor tiles). With a 12mm serrated trowel (GRSPN12), large teeth allow a sufficient amount of adhesive to be applied to large and heavy tiles, which cannot be done with tools with smaller teeth. The semi-circular serrated trowel (GRSPP) leaves adhesive shaped to allow perfect fit, leveling, and arrangement of adhesive over the entire surface of the tile.

The trowels are made of high quality stainless steel (rostfrei, stainless). They are resistant to chemical influences, and the soft handle makes it comfortable to work with.



The mortar scraper (SM8) is intended for turning and leveling surfaces of mortar, gypsum and similar building materials. It is not intended for use with concrete. Scraping concrete will inevitably shorten the tool life or damage it.

The scraper is intended for all masters who need to work on quality and flat surfaces. E.g. ceramists need to remove excess plaster or mortar before installing the tiles, and to make the corner of the room really flat.

The tool body is made of cast aluminum and the workpiece is knives made of high quality steel.