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Screwdriver with "T” shaped tip

Screwdriver with "T” shaped tip. Screwdriver body is made of high-quality Chrome Vanadium (CrV) steel. Tip is additionally heat treated. Ergonomic grip made of highly durable plastic and soft rubber provides comfortable and firm grip. Triangular cross section of grip ensures easy and precise transfer of force from hand to the tip of this tool.

Šifra Barkod Tip Lenght
OT10x100 8606017651994 T10 100mm
OT15x100 8606017652007 T15 100mm
OT20x100 8606017652014 T20 100mm
OT25x100 8606017652021 T25 100mm
OT27x100 8606017652038 T27 100mm
OT30x100 8606017652045 T30 100mm