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Tools for ceramics

Tilling bucket 20l

Specially designed bucket for ceramics, intended for rinsing the sponge for cleaning tiles. When grouting, it is necessary to frequently and thoroughly rinse the sponge sponge to be worked with and this bucket is a professional tool that facilitates and speeds up this work. The three tilting rollers are made to the requirements of the professionals - you can remove the sponge if you only need a bucket. There are extra wheels on the bucket itself to make it easier to pull Size: 51 x 26 x 26cm.


Spreading board with segmented sponge - 30mm

Spreading board with segmented sponge for cleaning the tiles while grouting. The large area of this tool, in comparison with handy (improvised) sponges, makes grouting works much faster. The anatomic handle facilitates the process and protects the hands from contact with irritating tile adhesive and grouting mass. The high-quality, absorbent sponge, made out of segments, provides faster and better removal of the excess of material from the tiles.


Rubber trowel for grouting

​​​​​​​Rubber trowel for grouting is a tool for the application of grouting materials. According to the experience and advice of many tilers, the popular grouter has got a new form. With anatomic handle, high-quality rubber and different angles of curvature.