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Double open end wrench 10x12

Double open end wrench 10x12

Item code: KVI10x12
Šifra proizvođača: WRENCH_VIL
  • Grip size: 10 x 12mm
  • Dimension: 205mm
  • Material: Cr-V steel


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Double open end wrench 10x12 for working with HEX head screws. Made of quality steel enriched with Chrome-Vanadium. Wrench length is extended in order for craftsman to work easier and the tightening force to be stronger.

Characteristics Value
Category Double open end wrenches
Brand Beorol
Craft Electricians, Installers, Locksmiths, Mechanics, Plumbers, Welders
Dimensions 165mm
Shape Open end wrench
Wrench hole 10 x 12mm

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Double open end wrench 10x12
Double open end wrench 10x12
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