Minimum order value
Minimum order value

Companies: 300 AED
Individuals:    50 AED

Free delivery
Free delivery

Companies: Free delivery
Individuals:  200 AED

Refund / Cancellation policy

Contact us by calling the contact phone +971 56 7784 004 or e-mail address send information about your invoice number / delivery note, account number and the name of the bank where you have the specified account.
When you submit the necessary data, documentation will be created which will be forwarded to you with the refund procedure to the e-mail address you left when creating the order.

Refunds are made exclusively in the above manner, by payment to the bank account and it is not possible to send money by courier in cash.

In case of return of goods or return of funds to the buyer who has previously made payment to one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for return, Beorol Middle East Building Hardware & Tools Trading L.L.C. is obliged to make the refund exclusively through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods. This means that the bank will, at the request of the seller, refund the funds to the cardholder's account.
You cannot send the ordered item to the addresses listed on the bill of lading without prior contact and agreement with the operators in the online store listed above.
Each such package will be returned to the sender at the expense of the sender.